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Are you  ready to Make The Shift? Are you over all of the caffeinated and artificially sweetened drinks? Are you ready to #MakeTheShift to 9.5pH #ParadigmWater? We have come a long way in our understanding with the health benefits associated with just being properly hydrated.

The medical community however does not educate the public on how beneficial proper hydration truly is to your overall wellness... I think we all know why.

I always wanted to sell a product that actually helps people, their health and how they feel. I wake up grateful every morning to be able to provide a product that is much healthier for you to consume than 99% of the water that is being sold today by the large companies that dominate the market. Based on the information now available to us and the health benefits associated with being properly hydrated we can no longer allow ourselves to look at water the same way we have in the past. Today it can kill us as well as cause irreparable damage to our overall well being.

Let's face it. Today the world is a different place, the government is more interested in not being sued for killing you or meeting budget obligations than improving the overall health of everyone by improving your water quality. 

As I educated myself about water I soon realized that all water has to be extensively filtered and then remineralized. I believe that all natural is the best way to go so three of the most alkaline minerals are infused into the water to bring it to a 9.5pH. 

Paradigm water is exclusively available in the LA area for now. It can be found in a number of hotels, organic grocery stores, gyms, yoga studios, tennis clubs, restaurants and gas stations. (view our store locator tab!)


- Robert Staats CEO & Owner 

Paradigm Alkaline Water
3535 Malibu Country Drive 
Malibu, CA 90265