Make the Shift

Make the Shift to drinking properly filtered alkaline water.  Reverse Osmosis filtration is the only filtering method that removes virtually all Pharmaceutical Waste from water. However, this water must be properly remineralized. The alkalinity is extremely important because it aids your body in producing bicarbonates which buffers the acid in your blood.
Do not allow your body to become engaged in perpetual crisis management of dehydration. 
Make the Shift to understanding that water is the central regulator of energy and osmotic balance in your body. Over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease. By consuming properly filtered alkaline water you will aid your body in fighting against premature aging and disease.
Make the Shift to understanding that all bottled water is not the same. If it does not have a pH level on the bottle it is acidic or below 7 on the pH scale. You should not be consuming acidic water to remove the acid from your blood.
Help your body help itself by hydrating your body with paradigm natural alkaline water  to help prevent disease and illness